Electronic Game Policy



  1. Free electronic games are now available for the Malverne Public Library cardholders only who are in good standing.
  1. Parents must sign the release form below before a child under the age of 18 is permitted to take out a game. Proof of age must be presented if requested.
  1. Only 2 games may be borrowed at a time.
  1. The Library assumes no liability whatsoever for damages to person or property or injuries arising out of patron use of the electronic games.
  1. Games may be borrowed for a maximum of 7 days. There are no renewals and no reserves.
  1. Fees:
    1. Late Fee – $2.00 per day per game
    2. Lost game – total cost to replace the game
    3. Lost Instruction Booklet – $10.00
    4. Damaged Game CD – total cost to replace the CD.