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Have Fun With Us This Summer!

Starting Monday, June 23, teens 12 & up can join our Teen Summer Reading Program.

Read anything you want (please keep it on your reading level) and write a short review about it. You can even email your reviews to jruggiero@nassaulibrary.info; include your name, the book’s title, author and your review.
Two reviews will be accepted per day per person.

The reviews must be for books you read during this summer.

So here’s how it works:

  • Sign up and you’ll get a pencil, bookmarks and a button
  • Read 1 book- get a Fizz Boom Read cup.
  • Read 2 books- get a Make Your Own Bouncy Ball kit.
  • Read 3 books- get a Light Up Keychain.
  • Read 4 books- get an electronics case and… you’ve finished the program! But you should still keep reading!

*One prize per person, while supplies last!

2014 Teen Border

Instagram Nature Hunt

How many can you find?
Take a picture of the items describe, tag us @malverne_pl and
use #MPLNatureHunt.

Spider Web

A plant seed

Animal tracks

An animal more than 3”long

A plant smell (tricky!)

A plant that shows evidence something has been eating it

An insect

Something natural that is smooth to the touch

A leaf or blossom less than 1” in any dimension

Something natural that is rough to the touch

The fruit of a plant

An animal home

Something that use to be part of an animal (example feather or a shed snakeskin)

Leaves from three different trees or plants


Try to take your pictures with things you find, don’t harm animals or
insects and their homes or pull leaves from plants or trees.


2014 Teen Border

DNA Extraction  DNA

The chromosomes which contain details of life can finally been seen with the naked eye. You can help unravel the mysteries of genetics and cell anatomy while removing the DNA of plants. You can also leave behind a sample of your DNA and have a new understanding of why we are all so different.

Wednesday, July 16
4-5 pm
Teens 11 & up
Non-Malverne card holders can sign up Wed, July 9.


The History of Inventions  History of Invention

A traveling, interactive demonstration and exhibition of antiques and inventions is coming to Malverne!
This awesome show is hands on and interactive. Learn about some old machines, life saving tools and other objects that have helped form today’s technology.

Thursday, July 17
6-7 pm
Anyone can come to this fun program!
Non-Malverne card holders can sign up on Thurs, July 10.


Tie Dye  Tie Dye

Tie Dye a white cotton shirt, pillowcase, hat, or bandana. Just bring a small white cotton item and we’ll provide everything else.

Monday, July 21
2:30-3:30 pm
Non-Malverne card holders can sign up on Mon, July 14.


RainMeese Club  Bmo

This is our fun Perler bead club!

Come and make some fun art with melty beads! It’s easy to do. You can bring a design, find onw while you’re here or look through ones we have.

Thursday, July 24
5-7 pm
No sign up needed


Ship It!  Ship It

Malverne’s Fandom Club

We welcome fandomer of all kinds! Bring a smartphone or tablet tonight. It needs to be able to connect to our wireless.

Thursday, July 24
7-8 pm
No sign up needed.


Vibrobots  Vibrobots

What can you make out of a cup, pens, a vibrating motor and a bit of cleverness? Your own artistic vibrobot! Learn about circuits, built your own robot and use it to produce a piece of Robot art.

Wednesday, July 30
4-5 pm
Teens 12 & up
Non-Malverne card holders can sign up on Wed, July 23.




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