Tutoring Policy




Tutoring is allowed in the Malverne Public Library in accordance with this policy.

  • Tutoring is allowed only at the tables designated for tutors, currently in the Adult Reading Room and Young Adult areas.
  • The Library may, at any time, change the area designated for tutoring.
  • Library tables seat four people. A tutor and student are required to leave one half of the table free for use by other patrons.
  • Library staff may ask tutoring to cease if space being used is needed for other Library purposes.
  • The Library is not obligated to accommodate any tutor.
  • Tutors are permitted to work with only one student at a time.
  • Tutors and students must bring their own supplies.
  • Tutors may not solicit Library patrons on Library property.
  • The Library is not a classroom or office space, but rather a community workplace. The exchange of money for tutoring services on Library property is strictly prohibited.
  • Tutors may not publish or distribute advertisements for their services on Library property identifying the Library as their place of doing business, nor may they in any way imply Library sponsorship of their activities.
  • Tutors and their students must comply with existing policies governing behavior in the Library.
  • The Library does not sponsor, recommend, or assume liability or responsibility for the work and/or activities of the tutors and students who use available Library space.


Approved: March 19, 2018