Kindle eBooks

To borrow books from your library on your Kindle…

1. You must have an Amazon account.
2. You must be in a Wi-Fi environment to download or you  must use a USB cable to sync your Kindle with your computer.

Searching For and Downloading eBook Titles:

1. On your Kindle Fire, go to the library’s website and click on the Nassau Digital Doorway icon. Alternately, go directly to Nassau Digital Doorway.

2. Within the Nassau Digital Doorway catalog, you can search for a book by entering the title and/or author; by clicking eBook Fiction or Nonfiction; or by clicking Complete List of New eBooks. You can arrange books by “release date” so that newer books are listed first.

3. When selecting a book, make sure it is available as a Kindle edition.

4. If you want to browse titles that are immediately available, you can check the appropriate box at the top of the page. You still can request a book that is not immediately available; you’ll receive an e-mail when it becomes available.

5. If the book is available, choose “Add to Cart.” You can “Continue Browsing” or “Proceed to Checkout.” Once you are ready to check out, you will be taken to a sign-in page. Here you’ll have enter your nine-digit library card number. Next, “Proceed to Checkout.” Then choose “Confirm Checkout.”

6. On the Download page, choose Get for Kindle. You will be redirected to Amazon’s  Public Library Loan page.

7. Choose “Get Library Book,” which will bring you to “Download Now.”

8. The book will download to your Kindle in several seconds. You can find it on your Kindle’s homepage by flipping through the images until you see the title.

9. On your Amazon account page, you can select “Manage My Kindle” to see a list of your books. Under Actions you can return and delete books.