Common Core at the Library

appleOne of the goals of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is for all children have the same skill sets. Toward that end, the creators of the CCSS have set clear expectations for what children should know at each grade level.

In the field of English Language Arts, the CCSS is bringing about a few shifts in the classroom. According to the New York State PTA and New York State United Teachers, these shifts include: reading as much non-fiction as fiction; learning about the world through reading; and reading more challenging material closely.

Of course, at the library, we want your children to enjoy all the books they read. We’re always happy to provide recommendations for fiction and non-fiction material. To assist parents and students with the new CCSS, we’ve created some non-fiction book lists filled with titles we know you and your kids will enjoy. Come to the library to browse the lists or download them here:

Select Non-Fiction Titles for 1st and 2nd Grade
Select Non-Fiction Titles for 3rd and 4th Grade
Select Non-Fiction Titles for 5th and 6th Grade


For additional information about the CCSS, check out some of the following websites.