Public-Use Computers

Public-Use Computers

The Library offers free Wi-Fi service throughout the building.

In addition, 12 public computers — 3 in the Children’s area and 9 in the Adult area — are available to access the Internet and Microsoft Office programs including Word and Excel.

A black & white printer is available at 10 cents a page, with a 25 page limit.

Longer documents, as well as color printing, may be done from a USB on our Konica Minolta copier at 10 cents a page for black & white, and 50 cents a page for color.

You may log on to the public computers with a valid library card from a Nassau County library, or request a visitor pass at the front desk.

Computer session are 30 minutes for children and 2 hours for adults. You may ask for additional time if there are available computers and no one is waiting to use one.